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In today’s changing mortgage market it is important to work with a lender that is familiar with the local area and is a professional in their field. The mortgage broker industry is very unregulated and it is easy to wind up working with a loan officer that may have little  experience or education in the home loan arena. A good broker will save you money in the short and long term.  Remember:  when loan shopping, there is so much more to look for than just the best rate.  In our experience, having worked with hundreds of buyers, the best mortgage professionals can provide you with the best product for your needs and keep the process smooth and pain-free all the way to the closing table.

Visit Our Preferred Lender: 

We have been working with Saul since he facilitated
a loan for one of our client’s purchases in 2006.
We were so impressed with his professionalism,
problem-solving, and all around care that we began
to recommend him to clients when they asked us for
a Lender referral.